Akita inu temperament

Akita inu temperament

Whether you’re planning to adopt an Akita Inu or simply curious about its temperament, you’ll want to know a little bit about the breed’s background. This Japanese dog originated from an ancient Japanese breed known as Matagi, the oldest native dog in Japan. It was bred to hunt large game and cross-breed with other breeds, such as Mastiffs and Great Danes. In fact, the Akita Inu is so ancient and rich in history that it was even named the nation’s national dog in the 1930s.

Understanding the Akita inu temperament

While Akitas are generally good with children, you’ll need to be patient with their unpredictable behavior. Akitas are naturally protective of their owner, and can be overly aggressive if they feel threatened. Akitas are very loving and loyal dogs, but they can be stubborn and destructive when left alone for long periods. Even though Akitas are good with children, you need to be patient when training them, as they need plenty of attention and quality family time.

Body language

Akita inu body language shows the type of relationship that a dog desires. While Akitas love attention, they are not necessarily looking for constant cuddles. Rather, they may lean on their owners when standing or sitting. Akitas also watch people and activities from a distance. If you want to understand how your Akita feels, you need to know what to expect from them.

Prey drive

Akitas were bred as fighting and hunting dogs in Japan before the 1920s, and later became pets of the Japanese nobility and royalty. Following WWII, Akitas were imported to the United States as guard dogs. Akitas were created by the Japanese breeders by mixing two smaller dog breeds with strong prey drives. The result was a larger dog with great strength and agility that was ideal for hunting large game.

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An Akita inu’s loyalty is legendary. No other dog breed can match the Akita’s fierce loyalty. Akitas are clean and affectionate, making them ideal pets for the home. Even though the Akita has a feline nature, it will still crave attention from its family, including its owner. Akita inu loyalty is also an incredible feature of this breed, making it a wonderful choice for a family with children.


Although the Akita Inu has a strong sense of dignity, it can be protective towards strangers. It needs extensive socialization and should be exposed to friendly strangers to develop the capacity of dissuasion. Despite their strong sense of self, Akitas are gentle dogs and will respect everyone in the family. They love children and enjoy daily walks. However, this dog breed may not be suitable for families with small children.


If you’re looking for a dog with a strong, dominant temperament, consider an Akita Inu. Although the Akita Inu is a great breed for families, their large size makes them dangerous when around small children. Male Akita Inus tend to be more carefree than females, so they may get knocked over or cause injury. It’s best to train an Akita Inu before bringing it home.

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