Akita inu japanese dog

Akita inu japanese dog

The Akita inu is a small Japanese dog, weighing up to 15 pounds. Its color and coat pattern are distinctive, and it has long, thick, shaggy legs. Read on for more information on this Japanese breed. You can also learn about its origin and training. The Japanese government ordered that all Akitas be killed in World War II. However, many escaped and survived by crossbreeding with German shepherds. After the war, efforts were made to save the breed, and a new generation of Akita breeders began carefully breeding the Akita survivors, ensuring that the breed was free from undesirable characteristics of other breeds.


Akita inu dog characteristics include an extremely calm temperament, strong prey drive, and courage. This double-coated breed is also known as a noble, loyal, and courageous dog. In Japan, these dogs are revered as family protectors and are considered to be a symbol of longevity, health, happiness, and loyalty. As a result, it is important to socialize your Akita from an early age.


There are four main coat colors that can be found in the Akita Inu. They are red, white, brindle, and black. Red is the most common color, while the other two colors are the most rare. Black is a deep reddish color, while fawn covers a wide range of beige tints. White is the most common color. Regardless of the color, a Japanese dog is sure to attract attention.


The Akita Inu is a Japanese breed of dog that originated near Odate in the Akita prefecture. These dogs were renowned as exceptional hunters who excelled at hunting big game. During a period of peasant riots and small civil wars, the Akita’s role changed from that of a food provider to that of a guard dog. Then, when gold diggers began to invade the Odate area, the dogs began to be used as guard dogs.

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Akita inu is a popular breed of Japanese dog that originated in the Akita region of Japan. These dogs were bred to be guard and fighting dogs, but were also used for hunting. While the breed’s origins are obscure, Japanese people often associate it with mystical powers and the ability to protect young children. Some believe the first Akita to enter the west was brought to the United States by Helen Keller.

Canine codes

Akita Inu Japanese dogs have their own canine codes and they are often extremely fussy. They are not sociable, and if you try to approach an Akita without showing respect, they will simply attack you. However, once you are close to an Akita, they’ll start to enjoy socializing and will often give you a cuddle and a pat.


A recent incident involving two Akitas has made the headlines, but it does not appear that the dogs were deliberately attacking the children. According to news reports, the dogs were attacked near an intersection, where they were walking home from school. The children escaped unharmed, and the two dogs were forced to retreat from the intersection. News reports indicated that the entrance to the home where the acuteness was kept had been forced open, although they do not specify how far the children were from the dogs.

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