What is an akita inu chihuahua mix

What is an akita inu chihuahua mix

This cross between an akita inu and a chihuahua is a popular hybrid that is a bit active and large. Their coats are double and require regular grooming. It’s important to remember that a hybrid like this needs a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy. If you’re wondering what this hybrid looks like, read on.

Shiba Inu

A Shiba Inu akita-chihuahua mix is a great pet for those looking for a loyal dog with good looks. This breed is good for families and makes a great guard dog. Its lifespan is 12 to 16 years and it is a relatively healthy mixed breed. These dogs are great for families because they are extremely loyal to their humans.

Akita Chow

The Akita Chow is an Akiti-Inu-Chihuahua mix that requires daily exercise and vigorous playtime. Their activity levels are usually high and may even vary from day to day. Training your Akita Chow is similar to training any other breed of dog. Simply repeat the command in front of your dog, praise it when he complies, and reward him when he does it. Repeat the process several times daily until he learns the trick and is rewarded for it.

Shiba Inu’s coat colors

The most common Shiba Inu coat color is red, which contrasts with the black urajiro coloring, which lends the dog a foxlike appearance. The coat is not necessarily as dark as red, and a slight dash of black is allowed on the tail and back. While red and black are the most common colors, some breeders breed dogs with a mixture of both colors. These dogs are often called “sables” or “dirty reds.”

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An Akita Inu is one of the oldest dog breeds. They were bred to serve as hunting companions for their owners, who tended to live in remote mountain areas. They were also bred to be obedient and persistent, as they were expected to remain with their owners even when they were chased by bears. The Akita Inu’s story is a fascinating one, but how did it come about?


An akita inu chihauhua mix looks like an average-sized dog, weighing between eight and twelve pounds, and standing between nine and twelve inches tall. The color of their coat varies from solid tan to mixed tones. Their body is muscular and their head is unusually large. The coat and head of an akita inu chihuahua mix makes them easy to identify, and they are very friendly.


If you want to train your new Akita Inu Chihuahua mix, here are some tips. Akitas are very athletic dogs and excel at agility and showing. As an owner, you should find out what these dogs can do. Apart from providing mental stimulation, training your Akita will also help you develop a strong bond with your new pet.

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