White alaskan husky

White alaskan husky

A White Alaskan Husky can be one of the most beautiful dogs you will ever own. This type of dog is highly athletic and outgoing. They are also a bit different than the Siberain Husky, and the Alaskan Husky is a working dog. You can read more about this breed’s characteristics, including cost and exercise requirements, below. In addition to its gorgeous looks, this breed is highly intelligent.


The White Alaskan Husky has the same temperament, energy level, and friendly disposition as its Siberian cousin. However, due to recent cross-breeding with European dogs, the Husky appears different. While its fur color varies slightly from white to brown, the Husky still exhibits many characteristics of the Alaskan Malamute. For those interested in owning a Husky, here are some tips.


The cost of a White Alaskan Husky is somewhat predictable. The breed’s popularity in different parts of the country means that prices vary based on the region. A purebred Husky costs around $1,300, while a mixed-breed Husky can be twice that price. These prices usually include registration and legalization fees. In addition to health care, huskies will need to be registered and vaccinated, and veterinarian visits cost anywhere from $65 to $170.


Housebreaking your White Alaskan Husky is easy if you follow a set routine. House training an older dog is more difficult than training a young pup. Older dogs may not have the bladder capacity to control their urges as they age, so they should be taken outside frequently. You can help your Husky become house trained by providing ample outdoor time and plenty of treats. Just like training any other dog, you should be consistent when training your dog.

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The White Alaskan Husky needs an active lifestyle and plenty of exercise. Without physical activity, this breed may become bored easily and begin to dig, chew, and howl. While it is not required by breed standard, it can be beneficial to include exercise in your dog’s daily routine. Like other Husky breeds, this dog is also capable of athletic activity. In fact, a White Alaskan Husky is the 7th fastest dog in the world, making it a perfect candidate for sports.


There are several factors to consider when planning a diet for a white Alaskan Husky, including the amount of meat and other protein it requires. Though a high-protein diet is ideal for the dog, it will not give it all the nutrients it needs. The best diet for your Husky will include a combination of both animal proteins and plants, preferably raw. If your Husky is overweight, consider switching to a higher-calorie recipe or using scheduled meals.

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