Whippet life span

Whippet life span

The Whippet life expectancy is about nine years, making it one of the longer dogs among all breeds. Like other large dogs, Whippets are prone to retinal degeneration, or PRA. While it is not painful or curable, it can lead to blindness. Early signs of PRA include night blindness and dilated pupils. Breeders can determine whether their Whippets have the condition by running a genetic test.

Merle Whippets are not accepted by the Kennel Club

If you are looking for a cute little dog with a distinctive coat, consider purchasing a Merle Whippet. These dogs come in a wide range of colours, with mottled patches of colour running throughout the coat. They are not recognized by the Kennel Club. Nevertheless, these dogs have unique charm and are often sought after for pet purposes. Here are a few things you should know about these dogs.

Merle Whippets suffer from separation anxiety

A lot of people have wondered whether Merle Whippets suffer from separation anxiousness. The answer is yes. While not considered purebred, they are beautiful dogs with sharp, drooping eyes. They also have short tails. If you notice your puppy drooling excessively, take your dog to the vet to see if it has separation anxiety. While the dog breed is known for being calm and loving, it can still be a challenge to train.

Merle Whippets develop heart murmurs

Although Merle Whippets do not have an elevated incidence of developing heart murmurs, it is possible to notice the occurrence of these murmurs. During a clinical examination, veterinarians can hear murmurs in the heart of these dogs. While the murmurs may not be accompanied by symptoms, it is possible to detect them through echocardiography. This test must be performed by a veterinarian who is well-experienced with the breed to avoid overdiagnosis of heart conditions in whippets.

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Merle Whippets are unsuitable to homes with cats

While some breeds of Whippets are deemed unsuitable for homes with cats, there are some exceptions. While whippets can be dangerous to household pets, some have shown good behavior around cats. It is important to introduce your Whippet to cats when it is young and in a controlled environment. It is important to remember that cats may be dangerous to your Whippet, and it is best to introduce your Whippet to cats before you bring it home.

Merle Whippets develop auto-immune disease

Some Whippets develop auto-immunity, which means their immune system attacks healthy body cells. If your dog has this disorder, it will require medication to suppress the immune system, which will usually include steroids. While many Whippets recover from auto-immune disease, you might need to treat it with steroids for a while. Fortunately, many Whippets do recover from this disease, and you can even wean them off of steroids.

Obesity is a health problem in Whippets

Dogs with obesity have a decreased ability to fight infections. They may be more susceptible to salmonella infections and canine distemper. Overweight dogs can also develop skin problems because their skin forms more oils. Additionally, their skin folds inward, forming pockets that collect oils and are ideal for the development of infections. This makes the breed susceptible to a variety of diseases. This article will discuss some of the most common illnesses in this breed and how they can be prevented.

Basic obedience is a must for Whippets

It may sound easy, but basic obedience is essential for your Whippet to keep him happy. Whippets are bred to chase. They can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour! Even the smallest movement, like coming to you, can take a long time, and you may end up miles away if you don’t keep your Whippet within sight of you. Because of their instinct to chase, you’ll need to start with very small steps and gradually increase their reliability.

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