Whippet clothes

Whippet clothes

If you’re a proud owner of a Whippet, you’ll need to dress him or her accordingly. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available. From Cosipet Whippet coats to all-weather combos and tummy warmers, there’s a lot to choose from. But which ones are the most comfortable and stylish? Read on to learn which ones are right for your pet.

Cosipet Whippet Coat

A waterproof nylon coat and warm Tartanfutter are two main ingredients of the Cosipet Whippet Dog Coat. Made for the Greyhound and Whippet breeds, the Cosipet coat is elegant and long. A different coat is the Greyhound Hunter Wax Coat, which is made of a dark grey gewachster Baumwolle. If you are a dog lover, consider purchasing a Cosipet Whippet Coat for your beloved pet.

Cosipet Whippet All Weather Combo

A Whippet is a medium-sized hound with a short dense coat of various colors and a streamlined body. This breed originated from Greyhounds and smaller terriers, and is now considered the perfect all-purpose dog. While not aggressive, they are also keen competitors in lure coursing and agility competitions. In addition, this breed is known for its independent nature. Regardless of its size, this dog breed can be an excellent watchdog.

Cosipet Whippet Tummy Warmer

The Cosipet Whippet Tummy-Warmer is a comfortable and useful accessory for your pet. The fleece-covered vest is a double-thick layer that provides the ultimate in warmth. This lightweight jacket coat is also designed with a convenient harness hole and reflective stripes so your dog will always be visible in the dark. During the cooler months, your whippet will definitely appreciate an extra layer of warmth. A stylish and comfortable whippet sweater is available from Chilly Dog Boyfriend. Made from 100 percent wool, each sweater is a unique one of a kind and will add a stylish touch to your dog’s wardrobe.

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Catney Dogney

Looking for unique, fashionable dog outfits? Check out Catney Dogney’s line of upcycled outfits for the perfect doggie wardrobe. You’ll be glad you did when you find out that each piece is made from upcycled clothing. You can also check out Cozy Greys’ line of winter doggie attire and handmade martingale collars. Other great places to look for dog outfits and accessories include Holly Woof Styles, Huggable Hounds, and Little Milos Closet. Little Milos Closet carries ready-to-ship items and Rocking Pony sells crochet knitwear for dogs and humans.

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