Whippet beagle mix

Whippet beagle mix

A Whippet beagle mix is a crossbreed between a beagle and a whippet. While the breed is quite common and has a high quality of life, it can also come with certain health issues. Pain syndrome and tooth overgrowth are two such conditions that can occur from either parent. As with any other mixed breed, a whippet-beagle cross should be examined by a veterinarian for prevention and treatment.

Breed characteristics

The Whippet Beagle mix breed is an interesting cross between two popular dog breeds. Its parents, the Whippet and the Beagle, are both renowned for their high levels of energy. While they both possess excellent senses of smell, you may notice that a Whippet beagle mix dog will behave more like a whippet than a Beagle. These characteristics are not necessarily bad, but you should know how to recognize them if you find yourself considering one of these hybrids.

Health issues

Although the Whippet beagle mix is one of the healthiest breeds, it may be prone to some common diseases, including heart disease, arthritis, and gastrointestinal issues. Although its lifespan is 12-15 years, whippets can develop various health issues, particularly in old age. While whippets are largely healthy dogs, they are at risk for many different diseases, including osteoarthritis and spinal problems in senior dogs.


The average lifespan of a Whippet beagle mix is twelve to fifteen years. Like all breeds, the lifespan depends on the lifestyle of the owner. A good food diet, exercise and regular health checkups will improve the life span of your dog. Whippet beagle mixes need to be kept active. If their exercise is limited, they may get injured or fall. This type of dog can be destructive, so keep in mind that this fact before buying a puppy.


While Whippets and Beagles are both active breeds, they need less exercise than each other. A Whippet is quiet and calm indoors, while a Beagle needs plenty of exercise and activity. The Whippet-Beagle mix will need both physical and mental stimulation. Like Beagles, Whippets and Beagle mixes are active but not clingy, making them an excellent choice for house pets. Because they are independent and have strong willpower, you will need to combine training food with more traditional training techniques to create a balanced mix of activities.

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Care for a puppy

When choosing a dog, you should know that a Whippet-beagle mix is an adorable and versatile companion, but they also need some TLC. Luckily, most whippets and beagles have relatively long lifespans – between 12 and 15 years. Despite this relatively high lifespan, Whippets are not immune to common health issues that affect dogs of all ages, including arthritis and spinal problems. Read on to learn how to care for a Whippet-beagle mix.


The life expectancy of a Whippet beagle mix is usually between twelve and fifteen years. This breed has excellent health, is easy to train and care for, and sheds moderately. They are extremely adaptable and make great family dogs. Here are some ways to reduce the cost of owning a Whippet beagle mix:

Care for an adult

If you are looking to adopt a Whippet beagle mix as a pet, you should learn how to properly care for this breed. Whippets are affectionate and like to spend time with their humans. They like to play and cuddle with their people, but they’re not very sociable. While whippets are not aggressive, they can wagging their tails and can cause welts. These dogs aren’t good guard dogs, so supervision is recommended.

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