How to teach a dog to play dead

How to teach a dog to play dead


If you’re not sure how to teach a dog to play dead, there are a few easy tricks you can try. First, use a pistol signal to train him. This is a signal that combines a hand gesture with a verbal cue. If your dog does not respond to verbal cues, try combining hand signals with visual cues. Then, space out the visual signals to make your dog more accustomed to the trick.

Space out treats to teach the trick

You should begin teaching your dog to play dead by giving them a treat in the “dead” position. When a dog understands this command, it may begin to look up to the owner or roll over. It will not understand what this command means if it is only placed in a “dead” position. After a couple of seconds, he or she should stay in the position and wait for a treat.

To teach a dog to play dead with treats, begin by giving the dog a favorite treat. This way, the dog will feel more comfortable with the new trick. Once the dog knows the “down” cue, place him or her in the down position on a soft surface. Hold the treat behind the dog’s nose and say “yes” while clicking it. Practice this trick until the dog is consistently responding to the verbal cue.

Move too early

Your dog may not understand the trick if you lift your head or move too early. It’s best to let go before moving so that your dog can associate the cue with movement. In addition, breaking the cue before moving may discourage your dog from holding the position for too long. When you move too early, you may need to teach your dog the trick again. To teach a dog to play dead if you move too early, here are some tips:

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