How to teach a dog stay

How to teach a dog stay

There are some common mistakes that people make when teaching a dog to stay. These mistakes include using a marker as a reward, or rewarding them for being in the stay position with a treat or toy. Listed below are several ways to successfully teach a dog to stay. Don’t make these mistakes. Start by following these steps. After your dog understands the concept, gradually increase the length of time you reward it with a treat or toy.

Mistakes made in teaching a dog to stay

One of the first things you need to understand is that this command is meant to last for a short period of time. Never leave a dog in a dangerous situation when teaching them to stay. The longer you leave a dog in a stay, the more stressful the situation will be for him. It is therefore essential that you give him the right amount of time to stay before attempting to break his stay.

Using a marker as a reward

One of the most effective methods of training a dog to stay is using a food treat as a reward. This reward should be given when the dog has stayed still for a certain amount of time. This is a great way to reward your dog without having to give it a treat for displaying undesirable behavior. A food treat is also a convenient way to reinforce the marker word and relay to your dog that a certain behavior was desired.

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Building up the amount of time your dog can stay before you reward them

You should first build up the duration of the STAY command before rewarding the dog. Start by placing the dog in the desired position, giving the stay command without moving. Once your dog is still, release the stay command by using a release word. Repeat this step every few minutes, and increase the duration of the stay every couple of seconds. If the dog breaks the stay, simply reset and start again.

Using toys and play as a reward

A reward can be as simple as a treat. Use toys and other interactive items as a treat for your dog when it’s staying. Give the treat a few times and the dog will soon associate the act with a reward. He’ll be more likely to perform the behavior in the future. By using toys and other interactive items as a reward, you can teach your dog to stay while you praise him or play with him.

Returning to your dog before you release him

To build a successful recall, you must practice returning to your dog before releasing him. You can do this by simply calling him and praising him whenever he comes back. Eventually, you will need to call your dog only a few times to build a solid stay. When you do call your dog, use a favourite toy or treat to reward him when he comes back to you.

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