How to teach a dog to heel on leash

How to teach a dog to heel on leash

You should not let your dog rely on the leash for movement. It is there for safety, not as a communication tool. A safe place to train your dog off-leash is your best bet. Release cues will help you communicate with your dog. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can always use a release command instead. Then, your dog will know when to come back to you when it is time to walk.

Positive Aversion technique

The first step to teaching your dog to heel on leash is to click and treat when he is in the heel position. Start out by using the hand target only when necessary and only when you see your dog’s head in the heel position. Gradually increase the distance while focusing on click and treat every time your dog is in the correct position. Make sure to alternate between walking and playing with your dog while using this technique.

If your dog doesn’t respond to the heel command after several attempts, you can try the “Alpha rolling” technique. This technique is difficult to perform and might not be the best fit for your dog. Alpha rolling your dog puts him in an uncomfortable state of mind, forcing him to make a choice between fighting and submission. While it may take a few sessions, he will learn to listen to your instructions.

Right side of handler’s body

Teaching a dog to heel on a leash involves walking on the same side as the dog. This position is commonly known as the “left heel” and comes from traditional hunting. It was created to allow the handler to carry a gun when hunting. Today, it is a de facto standard of dog training. In fact, it is a prerequisite for many dog sports.

Using a hand target, luring the dog to walk toward the clicker will help reinforce the heel position. To achieve a heel, you can use a treat or a verbal compliment. Make sure to reward the dog every time he or she stays close to you. Make sure to click on the leash and treat your dog once it follows you.

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Off leash heel walking

The first step in teaching your dog to heel is to get your dog accustomed to walking in the heel position. Attach the leash to your dog’s collar, then stand by their side. Make sure they are facing the direction you want them to follow. Once they see you, click your hand and reward them with a treat. Continue with the heeling exercise until your dog becomes completely accustomed to walking in the heel position.

It is important to remember that walking to heel is not just about moving but also about leash manners. Your dog should focus on you while walking. In addition, it should always remain in the heel position when changing direction or stopping. This means that practicing in the backyard, on a patio or deck, or in a nearby park is vital. When you first start this training, it can be difficult to get your dog to heel on the leash if it is full of distractions.


One of the first steps in teaching a dog to heel on the leash is to use treats. These treats will lure your dog forward to heel. When your dog comes forward, you can click, give a treat, or verbally praise them for their good behavior. You should remain as close to your body as possible when walking your dog so that you can reward them for staying in place. To make the process more fun for your dog, practice with treats one to three times daily.

Once your dog understands the concept of walking in a heel position, begin with a short walk. Start in a quiet park, and gradually increase the distance to a busy street. Initially, your dog will need to sniff a bush or other nearby object to be rewarded for staying in the heel position. When your dog starts looking up at the bush, click and treat again. Your dog should return to the heel position when you click and treat him.

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